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As we move into near-zero temperatures, it’s important to get your car into winter mode. There’s nothing more stressful than car trouble on a wintry day or night, especially during the holidays.

You should first have the freezing point of your antifreeze checked to make sure that the ratio of fluid to water is protective enough to prevent freezing inside your vehicle’s circulation system. It will first impact the water pump and then other components, such as the radiator, thermostat, frost plugs and hoses, which are much more costly to repair than changing your antifreeze. We recommend using a mixture of antifreeze and water that is good to -35 degrees.

Tire treads and pressure should also be checked and your battery should undergo testing, as well, to make sure its cold cranking amps are good for the winter days ahead. Warn and brittle wipers should be replaced to keep a clear windshield. And don’t forget to change your windshield washer fluid, as it can also freeze. These are not expensive maintenance services, but make a big difference in winter safety.

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Written by Developer Autoshop