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Heat is the Battery-Killer. I just gave away the murderer before the story. OK. . so I won’t be writing any mystery novels in the near future. But I want to dispel a commonly-held notion: cold weather is not the cause of death for most car batteries. The real perpetrator is the hot Summer your car just went through. How’s that?

Most car batteries are filled with fluid. That fluid conducts electricity between the cells in your battery and keeps them from corroding. Corrosion inside your battery leads to less conductivity and the ability of your battery to hold a charge. When it’s hot, like 90 degrees or so outside, the temperature under your hood can reach up to 140 degrees. That kind of heat causes the battery fluid to evaporate. So when there is less liquid in there, it damages that internal structure and speeds up the corrosion inside the battery.

Also, if you’re turning your family into the Griswolds this Summer and loading up the family truckster to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone, you’re going to be hooking up a lot of electronics in your vehicle, like DVD players, laptops, iPads, radar detectors and GPS devices, that creates more of a drain on your electrical system. That adds a lot of stress to your battery also.

So if you’re battery is over THREE years old, it is time to get it checked out. Bring it in to any of our three locations (84th & L, 59th & Center or 132nd & Dodge) to get your battery tested. We have a machine that will tell you if you’re battery is ready for the graveyard or if it’s healthy and good to go. IT’S FREE!

And if you need a battery, get one from us. . .we’ll make your life easier. Our batteries come with a 5-year warranty with FREE replacement. We don’t pro-rate the life of your battery like almost EVERY other place in town does. If it goes bad within 5 years, you get a new one. . . period. NO COST to you. Have a happy, carefree motoring Summer!

Written by Developer Autoshop