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Here’s a heads-up for you if some shady mechanic is trying to sell you some stuff. When they try and sell you “headlight fluid,” say no. Or if they tell you that your muffler bearing has gone bad, look for a second opinion.

But there is a part on your car you may have never heard of but you’ll know it when it goes bad. The ball joint has everything to do with the steering system of your car. It even has its own Wikipedia page!

Ball joints connect the steering knuckles to the control arms. The ball and socket design of the joint allows it to swivel so the knuckles can pivot as the wheels are steered, and to arc so the knuckles can follow the vertical motions of the suspension as it reacts to changes in the road surface.

But, like most parts, ball joints will eventually wear out. When they do, they will cause problems with your steering and your vehicle’s alignment. When they wear out, they get too much play in them and that causes noise, uneven steering, misalignment and uneven tire wear.

So, if you’re vehicle has 70,000 miles on it, let us inspect the ball joints to see how they’re doing. Sometimes they last up to 100,000 miles, but that all depends on how you drive and what kind of surfaces you drive on. Remember, at House of Mufflers & Brakes, there’s no charge to do a chassis inspection. So, if you hear a weird noise or your steering is pulling to one side, Take It 2 The House!

Written by Developer Autoshop