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Over the last several months, we’ve mentioned routine vehicle maintenance checkups or vehicle tune-ups. Routine checkups may be an unfamiliar concept in regards to a vehicle. We go to the dentist and the doctor for routine checkups, why not do the same for your vehicle?

It’s important to know what you’re asking for when requesting a vehicle checkup. In general, your Omaha auto service professional should check for anything that will hurt a vehicle’s performance. Traditionally, the Omaha mechanic should replace the spark plugs – should be done every 100,000 miles – and replace the air filter. Replacing the clogged air filter will help improve acceleration.

Additionally, the service technician should inspect or test the fuel, ignition and emissions systems for faulty vacuum hoses, oxygen sensors, belts, fluids under the hood and a few other items.

Every vehicle has different needs, depending on the make, model, year, wear-and-tear, etc. It’s never a bad thing to walk into your Omaha auto engine repair shop with a list of items you’d like the service tech to check. The list above should help give you a good starting point, but pulling out the vehicle owner’s manual will give some manufacturer recommendations on parts that should be regularly “tuned-up”. At your Omaha House of Mufflers and Brakes, our auto service techs are familiar with all kinds of vehicles and can help you assess regular maintenance needs for your vehicle.

Written by Developer Autoshop