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Power-steering fluid is a term you’ve most likely heard – possibly from your mechanic. But what is it? And why does it need to be serviced by your Omaha auto service technician?

Power-steering fluid is the fluid that transmits power in power-steering – which allows a vehicle to steer easier. It’s a hydraulic fluid – meaning power is transferred. When your Omaha auto repair shop tells you it needs to be serviced, they are recommending the old fluid be drained and flushed out and replaced with new fluid.

If this is recommended for your vehicle, it’s important to have this service done right away. Changing the power-steering fluid is inexpensive and will prolong the life of the expensive power-steering components. Over time, components will wear out and begin to contaminate the power-steering fluid, forcing the pump to work harder, eventually rendering the pump useless. Replacing the pump is costly – so make sure you don’t get to that point.

If it’s been a while since an Omaha auto service tech looked at your car, and you’re unsure if your power-steering fluid does need to be serviced, listen for whining when you turn the wheel. Also, be aware of any kind of leak or check the level of the fluid yourself. When in doubt, call us at House of Mufflers and Brakes for the opinion of an Omaha auto service mechanic.

Written by Developer Autoshop