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In case you haven’t noticed, the metro area’s streets are plagued with potholes! These cavities are formed as the ground freezes and thaws throughout the winter and driving through a deep one can damage your vehicle’s tires, rims, suspension and other steering components.A good jolt can even affect your wheel alignment and shorten the life of your tires, particularly if you don’t take care of the problem right away.

While we all try to do our best to drive around them, sometimes potholes are simply unavoidable. If you do hit one, here’s how to know when you should bring your car in to be inspected:

  • If your steering seems off-center after you hit a pothole, your wheel alignment needs to be checked, or it may be an indication of damage to a steering or suspension component.
  • If you notice the steering wheel shaking, this is an indication of a wheel balance problem or damage to either the tire or rim.
  • Does the car pull to one side? This is another indication of an alignment problem, but it could also indicate component damage.
  • Does the car ride rough and not handle on the road the way it used to? This may be an indication of damage to the springs, shocks or struts.

If you hit a pothole or notice any of the above symptoms, take advantage of our Spring Maintenance Special here and keep in mind that Monroe is offering a rebate on shocks and struts through the end of April. You can get up to a $100 Visa Prepaid Card for purchase combinations of 4 qualifying Monroe or Rancho ride control products.

Take It 2 The House for a complete bumper to bumper inspection by our professional Undercar Specialists!

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