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Extreme weather – either hot or cold – can affect a vehicle’s performance. In the winter, some car owners seem to take great care in heating up their car in preparation for Omaha’s sub-zero temperatures. With Omaha Summers producing extreme heat, it’s also important to be aware of how this heat will affect your vehicle.

Often, heat creates an issue with the air conditioner (and any car owner will notice when that’s not working properly). The problem often lies with the compressor, but it’s also important to ensure that your belt is sound and you have the correct amount of Freon. Auto service providers such as House of Mufflers & Brakes will be able to assist you with finding the issue.

A little less obvious than the A.C. is tires. The hotter a tire gets the higher the risk of something going wrong. Tires can build pressure and overheat quickly in hot weather, which can cause tire blowouts. It’s important to check air pressure regularly and inflate tires to the manufacturer’s specifications. Under-inflated tires run a higher risk of blowouts.

Heat also can kill a car battery. High temperatures can accelerate a battery’s chemical operation and can cause fluids to evaporate. Make sure the battery is clean and the terminals are free of corrosion. A battery that does not keep a charge can also be an indicator of other issues.

The best and most efficient way of caring for your vehicle in the heat is to work with an auto service provider in the Omaha Metro Area. At House of Mufflers & Brakes, we will check your car’s battery, fluids, A.C. and tires to ensure you are safe and your vehicle can withstand high temperatures. Contact our offices to schedule a vehicle maintenance appointment at any of our locations around Omaha on our website!

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