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Whether you know it or not, all cars, new and old, have a fuel filter. It keeps fuel running smoothly to the engine by trapping particles and preventing them from getting to the engine. With the intense force behind the up-and-down motion of the engine’s pistons, which compress the air-fuel mixture so that it will burn more efficiently, any large particles in the fuel could cause serious damage to the engine.

A completely clogged fuel filter may cause an engine to not start – or it may start, then stall and die. If your car has something called a spring-loaded bypass, and the filter becomes clogged, dirty fuel will continue to flow to the engine. Your Omaha auto service professional will be able to assess your fuel filter and ensure clean fuel is traveling to your engine.

If you’re taking your vehicle in for a routine maintenance check, the Omaha auto service professional should check your fuel filter. By routinely checking this, it should stop the filter from becoming old and saturated – which will block fuel from flowing to the engine or let dirt and particles through to the engine. Replacing the fuel filter regularly will help prevent against issues and help the longevity of your vehicle and engine.

At House of Mufflers and Brakes, our auto service and engine repair experts can help determine if you should replace your fuel filter. This inexpensive maintenance item will save you a significant amount of trouble and money on vehicle repair in the future.

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