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This gorgeous season delights us with dazzling, but blinding sunlight and crisp mornings that can conceal an invisible sheen of frost. Fall driving can bring unexpected challenges for drivers of all ages and experience…from students who are new to the road to those with more than a few miles on their chassis (wink, wink)! Here are a few tips for everyone on the behind the wheel this fall:

  1. Avoid driving at a high rate of speed over wet leaves that can make streets and highways slippery and perilous. Get your tire treads and pressure checked (including the spare) and/or change out your tires to a seasonal set that’s more suitable to winter driving.
  2. When the clocks fall back (on November 24th this year), there’s more driving in the early morning hours and at dusk. Reduced visibility can create unfamiliar driving conditions, even on familiar routes. Keep your windshield clean and clear — replace your windshield wiper blades for fresh ones.
  3. Cold autumn mornings can bring in fog that will significantly impair your driving visibility and perception of distance. A common mistake that drivers make is to use their high-beam headlights — this will actually make visibility worse because the full beam lights will bounce off the fog and create glare. Simply slow down and stay well behind the car ahead to allow time to stop if you need to.
  4. Lower nighttime temperatures will also create a blanket of ice over your windshield and make the roads slick. Watch out for frost and slow down, particularly in shaded areas. Keep a little hand-held scraper at the ready to quickly clear your front and back windshields, side windows and mirrors.
  5. Have your car battery tested to make sure it’s got a full charge. Getting stranded with a dead battery will cost you time and possibly a tow. Save yourself the trouble and have a professional test your battery.

Let our professionals at House of Mufflers & Brakes help you with all of these services to prepare your vehicles for fall driving.

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