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We don’t ordinarily go out of our way to talk about our competition – unless we think it’s going to cost you money. We think it’s great when people patronize a business because they have a good relationship with the business. But we don’t like when people use scare tactics to squeeze money out of people just because they think they can. When you talk bad about another business – that’s called “Dirty Rush.”

We recently learned of a customer of ours visiting a dealership because it was convenient for him at that time. The dealership called our customer and told him that he had many overdue services and whoever had been working on his car had neglected to tell him. They went so far as to tell him that we were negligent and that he should have the services performed IMMEDIATELY!

Well it turns out that we had recommended the services, and even had noted them on his past invoices. He had declined those services at the time and we had suggested that he make a plan to do them over the course of the next year. But this dealer threw him into a panic with their false emergency.

Let me tell you folks, there is no emergency when we’re talking about changing out your front and rear differential fluid. But when a dealership uses their so-called “expertise” to scare you into making a rash decision, that is not a responsible business.

We have a relationship with our customers. We will never use that relationship to scare you into making a bad decision.

Written by Developer Autoshop