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The catalytic converter. It’s part of your car’s exhaust system. Most of you know what it does. It takes the nasty gasses that your car’s engine makes, and turns them into less nasty gasses – kind of like Tums.>

Now it does this because some scientist figured out if you ran the exhaust gasses through a filter made with precious metals, it creates a chemical reaction that removes most of the harmful elements of the exhaust.

Those precious metals are rhodium, palladium and platinum. Well those precious metals in the converter make them very expensive. That’s why when you need to replace it, it can cost you well over a thousand dollars.

It’s also why thieves will crawl under your car, cut off your converter and sell it to recyclers. There are hundreds of stories on the internet about catalytic converter theft all over the country. Perhaps even you or someone you know has had a bad experience with it. But these things are desirable because one converter can get the thief up to $200 from a junkyard.

We see cars all the time that have had their catalytic converter stolen. It’s a real pain because it means dealing with an insurance claim, paying a deductible and driving around in a very loud car until they can get it fixed.

So what can you do about it?

  • Park your vehicle in a well-populated, well-lit area.
  • Install a conspicuous video surveillance camera outside your home.
  • Close and lock your garage Watch your local news to monitor epidemics of converter thefts.So beware of the converter thieves out there.

And if you ever have any trouble with your converter, take it to the House!

Written by Developer Autoshop