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It’s time to test your vehicle’s air conditioning to see if it’s ready for the brutal Omaha heat. At House of Mufflers and Brakes, our auto service technicians often see an influx of customers for AC service on the first of the many summer heat waves. But, by checking your vehicle’s AC early, you will be prepared for the heat and avoid a long wait time for your service.

So how does your vehicle’s air conditioner work? Basically, Freon (the system’s refrigerant) is compressed and becomes hot. It’s then circulated through a series of tubes that dissipates the heat, reducing pressure and causing it to become cold. This is an extremely simple explanation of a vehicle’s AC system, but in fact, it is made of up several different parts, including a compressor, condenser, receiver dryer, expansion valve and evaporator. In conjunction with each other, all these things provide you with cool air in the summer’s heat.

How often should you have your AC inspected? There’s not really a recommendation as to when you should inspect your vehicle’s AC. Rather, bring your vehicle to an Omaha auto service technician when the air isn’t cool – or isn’t cool enough. You can do your own inspection to assess your vehicle’s AC performance.

So be sure to get a head start on AC service for the summer, and contact our Omaha auto service professionals to schedule service before the first heat wave.

Written by Developer Autoshop