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Do you like hearing fingernails scratching a chalkboard? You do? Then, by all means, leave your chattering, streaky wiper blades on your car. But if you like to see without turning your stereo up to deafening levels, then now might be the time to stop in and get some new, quiet wipers on your vehicle. Like any other rubber product, wipers become less flexible as they weather, resulting in less contact with your windshield resulting in noise and that annoying streaking. Change them up about once a year.

Even better, now is the time for winter blades. They are commonly referred to as ‘beam’ blades. They don’t need all that metal structure to maintain a tight contact with your windshield. That means they aren’t affected by snow and ice. That saves you from climbing out of your car at stop lights to knock the ice off your blades.

When you need new blades – just stop in at any of our stores. Use the coupon for $5 off a pair of blades and we’ll put ‘em on quick for you. It’ll take 5 minutes! Take it 2 the House!

Written by Developer Autoshop