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So you hit the brake pedal, you slow down and then stop. You do it countless times a day. It’s something we all take for granted. But do you really know how your brakes work?

You can really break down the components like this: 1) pedal, 2) plunger, 3) fluid bucket, 4) tubes, 5) calipers, 6) pistons, 7) pads, 8) rotors. Got all that? Here’s how it works.

You hit the brake pedal and that pushes the plunger into the fluid bucket (the master cylinder). That forces the fluid into the tubes (the brake lines), which are connected to the brake calipers. The fluid pushes the piston forward. The pistons are attached to the brake pads so they clamp closer together, squeezing the rotor and slowing it down.

The most common auto service repair is replacing your brake pads. They wear out after thousands of times of stopping your car. But now you also know that rotors wear out too. Master cylinders and brake lines develop leaks. Calipers wear out too.

So don’t take your brakes for granted. When you’re in for any auto service, have your brakes inspected. There are a lot of parts to your brake system. Make sure they’re all working properly so that your family is always riding safely.

Written by Developer Autoshop