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Omaha Auto Service News

Are You Taking Care of Your Vehicle for the Future?

Proper maintenance on your vehicle means much more than just changing your oil.  Every vehicle has a maintenance schedule.  You can find it in your owner’s manual.  We also can tell you what your vehicle manufacturer recommends for your specific car.

The bottom line is:  stuff gets dirty.

Radiator fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid – they all break down eventually and need to be replaced.  Dirty fluid puts the parts in your car at risk for failure because dirt in the fluid will cause friction and will not lubricate as well as it should.

So refer to your owner’s manual to see what you should keep up on – or bring it in to us and we’ll show you the maintenance schedule for your car.

Get Problems Checked out Sooner than Later

There could be many problems on your car that start out small that could turn into bigger, more expensive ones.  For example, a tear in the boot on your CV joint is a small problem to repair.  But if left alone, dirt will get into your CV joint and wear it out much quicker than it should have – and that’s a much more expensive repair

So get your vehicle inspected so you can keep your eye on the ‘little’ things before they grow into huge ones.

We’re going to ask you some questions about your car such as, “How long do you plan to keep it?” “Who drives this car and how much do they drive?” “Is this car staying in Omaha?” These questions will help us understand how you might like to keep the car maintained. If you’re going to get rid of the car in a year, we wouldn’t recommend putting new struts on it, etc. We want to partner with you in how YOU would like your car maintained.

Find a shop you can trust

Don’t keep going to a place where they are constantly suggesting new items. Our goal is to make you aware of what upcoming maintenance should be performed so that you’re not surprised when the need arises. We value the relationship way more than the money. We want to be trustworthy, credible and empathetic to your needs. That’s why we have the friendliest and most sincere people in town.

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